Patient Participation Group

As patients of the Bridge House Medical Centre we are all part of the Patient Group.

The NHS set up the idea of Patient Participation Groups (PPG), run by the patients, to give us a means for giving feedback to GPs about the services they offer, explaining our needs, views and thoughts. Equally GPs can use the PPG to inform patients about new services, what they can provide, why changes are made and what they are doing to help those in their care.

We do this through regular meetings with a small representative committee of patients, a GP partner and the Operations Manager. We are fortunate that Bridge House Medical Centre has an excellent relationship with their PPG.

Your feedback is vital. Feedback is given to the Practice in a general way with no names used. Please email your views and suggestions to the PPG secretary, Nina Haines, at ninahaines51@gmail.com

Your contact details will only be used for this purpose.